Astrophotography Contest

Are you passionate about astrophotography?

Registrations to our astrophotography contest, are now open.

Send us one of your best astropics with your name and a title at our email address no later than Sunday October 25th, 2020 at 18:00(CEST).

Pictures are going to be published on our social pages and you will be able to VOTE until October 30th, 2020. Free participation!

Pictures are going to be divided in 3 categories and there will be 3 different leaderboards:

  • Deep Sky astrophotography
  • Planetary astrophotography
  • Milky Way photography

Each author can send us one pictures at most per category.

The final leaderboard will depend upon the vote of technical jury (70%) made up of: Luca Fornaciari (astrophotographer and teacher of astrophotography courses), Gianni Tumino (astrophotographer and last contest’s winner), Stefano Sandrelli (astrophyics of INAF at Osservatorio astronomocio di Brera) and the 4 Astronuts admin (bachelor physics degree graduated students and astrophotography enthusiast).

And the vote of the popular jury 30% expressed with “likes” on our social pages (Facebook and Instagram) where pictures are going to be published.

The votes of the popular jury are going to be valid only if the user follows our pages. The vote will be unquestionable!

The winner of each category will be proclaimed directly by Luca Fornaciari, Gianni Tumino, Stefano Sandrelli and Astronuts.

Winners will be able to publish an article and an interview (about his/her astropic and how he/she realized it) on our website and will receive the winner’s certificate.


Subscribing to our contest, the author of each astropic, will allow Astronuts, for free, to publish his/her pictures on our social pages and on our site (, to transfer them on IT devices or show them in promotional expositions for the contest with the only bounder of always mention the author.

The cession here ruled is for free also in view of the future promotional effect of the pictures and of the author.

Obviously, the rights of the works will remain property of the author.

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